July 13th ~ Prayer Challenge for America

pray for America

Lamentations 3:40-41

Let us test and examine our ways, and return to the Lord!
Let us lift up our hearts and hands to God in heaven.”

Heavenly Father,

Only you are Holy. We acknowledge we have sinned against You – as a people and individually. Guide us to truly examine ourselves and our ways and to repent, for ourselves and this nation. Be merciful to us and guide us back to a right relationship with You. We lift up our hearts and hands in praise and thanksgiving to You Lord, and we and thank You for Your blessings, guidance, and forgiveness.



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Scripture: English Standard Version



Ash Wednesday


Ash Wednesday and Lent is an important time for many Christians, as we repent and reflect on our faith during the 40 days preceding Easter. I was researching the meaning of Ash Wednesday and came across an excellent explanation of the meaning of this Holy Day. Here’s the link:

Blessings to you.