What to Talk to God About


We can talk to God about anything. In fact, He is our constant companion. (John 14:15-21, Psalm 23:1) So He knows what is going on. We might as well talk to Him.

“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NASB) 

At least two things make it difficult to start a regular prayer routine. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to a place to pray. You want to select a place where you can concentrate on God.  Also, set a consistent time to pray every day. For me, I want to give God my best time.

What to Pray About

I keep a prayer journal. Looking back I have noticed seasons of my life where my prayers were very similar. Sometimes we just need a conversation starter. I have compiled a list of topics to talk to God about. If you do not have something on your heart, just pick a conversation starter and begin to talk to God about this topic. It’s sure to start a meaningful conversation. If you have other suggestions I would love to know about them!

  • I am sharing the light and love of God with others.
  • I trust God.
  • I believe God speaks to me.
  • How often have I been moved by faith stories but never tried to grow in my own faith?
  • How can God use me?
  • Am I prideful?
  • Do acquaintances know I am a Christian?
  • When have I been the closest to God?
  • When does God seem most distant?
  • God has performed miracles in my life.
  • What changes am I willing to make to grow spiritually?
  • How big is my God?
  • How often do I pray?
  • Do I read Scripture often enough?
  • What impact does Scripture have on me?
  • What is the quality of my prayers?
  • What is my self-talk like?
  • Do I honor the Sabbath?
  • Do I break any of God’s commandments frequently?
  • Are there idols in my life?
  • I ask God for His wisdom.
  • Am I thankful? Does my life show gratitude?
  • Do I need to ask for forgiveness?
  • Do I need to forgive others?
  • Have I forgiven myself?
  • Do I express love and compassion?
  • Do I tell people how to improve? Why do I do this?
  • Do I ask for feedback for self-improvement?
  • Do I seek godly counsel?
  • Do I treat my body like the temple of the Lord?
  • What do I value?
  • Do I tithe?
  • Do I volunteer regularly at church or for missions to serve others in God’s name?
  • Am I now, or have I ever been, in spiritual darkness?
  • Have I ever passed on my faith to my children?
  • Have I ever shared Christ with anyone?
  • I go to church because I want to, not out of a sense of duty.
  • If faith was taken out of my life tomorrow morning, how would my life be different? Would anyone know?
  • How can I be certain my faith is growing? Can faith be measured?
  • How has my walk with God grown in the past year?
  • The past five years?
  • What three biblical characters would I like to have lunch with and why?
  • What would I ask them?
  • I want God to change me in this key area: _______________________

I wish you a rich and rewarding prayer life.

Walk in His Light,


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