To Halloween or Not?


I’m looking at the items I need to create a Halloween costume for work. It’s not a difficult project; I should have it made in 30 minutes or less. However, the materials are just sitting there because I’m not a big fan of Halloween. What’s the point of scaring people – it’s just plain mean. Wish someone a Happy Halloween. then scare them. It doesn’t make sense. What really concerns me is the idea of celebrating death and witchcraft. Every other day of the year we want to celebrate life and love.

I know it is fun for the cute little kids, in their fun little costumes, running door to door begging for candy. (How did this odd tradition get started anyway?)

The answer – Halloween is big business. Even with the economy down, people are still participating in this fall holiday. Adults seem to enjoy it more than the kiddos. Have you noticed how many costumes are designed for adults? My office has gotten involved – with cash prizes. The staff has been talking about it for two weeks.

Which brings me back to the costume. Participation is not mandatory, but if I don’t participate I will be the only one who doesn’t. And I have a bit of a competitive streak in me. So with cash on the line, I’ll dress up – in a friendly, clever outfit.