Why I Served


Young people join the military for various reasons. I loved my country, but I had ulterior motives for joining the Navy – a free education and the opportunity to travel. Many join the military to take advantage of such benefits. However, once in boot camp I was immediately introduced to the military mindset. I was immersed in a new lifestyle of honor, integrity, and courage. I emerged from an eight-week training cocoon not only proud to have the opportunity serve, but feeling blessed to have the privilege to serve with people of honor. It changed me – forever.

Throughout my first tour my love for this country deepened, and so did my love for my fellow service men and women. I wanted to give back to the country that took a chance on me. I proudly reenlisted several times and celebrated with others who chose to do the same. I served with people who have the highest level of integrity. They were also the kindest, bravest and most loving people I will ever know. There is a certain camaraderie that the military and first responders share. It’s a brotherhood that deepens every day as we inspire, encourage, honor, and love each other. Being a part of the military made me more than I ever could have been otherwise.

Although I chose to retire, I miss military life. I miss serving with incredible men and women who encouraged me to strive for excellence. I may not see them every day, but I will pray for them, and honor them by living the life they taught me.

We can honor our military and remember our dead by living a life of integrity and honor, and by praying for them everyday.

11 thoughts on “Why I Served

  1. My dad enlisted in the Navy during WW II at the age of 16. I remember looking at the pictures long ago of him on-board the ship with his crew mates. I could see in his face the brotherhood and camaraderie that you describe. I never served in the military but had the honor a number of years ago to spend time in South Korea playing music for those serving there. That time spent with those men and women are memories I will always cherish.
    Thanks you and all the others like you who proudly served and continue to serve our nation.

  2. No shame in benefits justly earned! They never pay you enough to get shot at or be a target, but It was an investment the Navy made in you that paid big dividends. They got a sailor, you got two educations one in service and one in schooling! Would that our military had to turn away volunteers. Thanks for being a part of the less than1% who served!

  3. Add me to the list of those who thank you for your service to our great country. And thank you for challenging us all to live lives of integrity and honor. It’s one thing to thank a vet. It’s another to live like you are thankful!
    May God bless you and continue to make you a blessing to others.


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