God’s Gift of Creativity


 Job 37:5-7 (NRSV)

“God thunders wondrously with his voice; he does great things that we cannot comprehend. For to the snow he says, ‘Fall on the earth;’ and the shower of rain, his heavy shower of rain, serves as a sign on everyone’s hand, so that all whom he has made may know it.”

It snowed here yesterday, leaving a delightful and sparkling white blanket over our world. There wasn’t enough snow to build a snowman, but my daughter was able to make snow angels, a fond memory from my own childhood. Snow may not seem like a big deal to you, but here in Texas, we rarely get it.

 The falling snow reminds me of the creativity of God. I am often astonished at the diversity of nature, both landscapes and animals, and the splendor of the stars. God has not reserved creativity for Himself; He has also given it to us. Consider the ability we have to create beautiful and intricate works of art, or compose music so mesmerizing it nourishes your soul.

 When I see something another has created that is unique and pleasing, I feel like I don’t have a creative bone in my body. That thought is displeasing to God because He created each of us in a unique way (Psalm 139:14).  What we are really feeling is jealousy toward the ability of another person. It’s time for us to take inventory of the skills and abilities our Lord has blessed us with.

First, thank God for the abilities He has given you. Use them with a spirit of wonder and humility.  Second, use and develop your gifts and talents. God gave us these abilities for a reason. He expects us to use them. Colossians 3:23 tells us, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” so we are to use our gifts for the glory of God. Proverbs 22:29 states, “Do you see a man skillful in his work?  He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.” This verse tells us that God wants us to use the creativity He has given us for the benefit of others and that He wants our creations to be noticed. Whatever we create should reflect His glory.

We have all been given a mind, with the ability to use our imagination. There are hundreds of ways to be creative. If you can’t think of any ways to be creative, just google that question.  Remember that each of us has been blessed with talents. When was the last time you tried to use or develop them? Maybe today you can take stock of the creativity God has blessed you with, and utilize your gifts. You will be a blessing to many others.




Scripture: www.biblegateway.com (ESV)

Images: Google Images

10 thoughts on “God’s Gift of Creativity

  1. Excellent reminder to everyone. We need to continually look TO God to see what He has implanted in us, rather than look AT other people to compare ourselves to. Thank You.

  2. I know my creative ‘juice’ flows from spending time with God. If I wasn’t connected to the vine I would be ‘shriveled’ with nothing of any meaning to say. Not to mention depressed and hopeless! God is amazing!

  3. If you don’t have enough snow, I will happily send more your way.

    Awesome post. I often sell myself short, but have realized lately what gifts God has given me and what I am to use them for. It’s an awesome experience!

  4. Thanks for the reminder to allow God to use us and to discover the gifts He has given us! And if you need more snow I will be glad to send you some. I’m so ready for spring!


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