Dealing With Writer’s Block


As long as I can remember writing has been a positive outlet for me. I’ve written poetry, short stories, and a book. I write for my job. But I’ve been dealing with writer’s block for a while now. I want to blog and work on my next project but can’t seem to find any words, much less put the pen to paper. My prayer life is also becoming stagnant and often redundant. Have you ever experienced the same situation?

I ran across the solution. Some time ago I wrote a list of 50 prayer starters – conversations to have with God. It’s just a list of subjects to talk to God about. My hope is that reading and praying about a few of these topics will jump-start your creative writing. Journaling your thoughts about any of these prayer topics will lead to ideas you can blog about later. Here is that list.

  1. I am sharing the light and love of God with others.
  2. I trust God.
  3. I believe God speaks to me.
  4. How often have I been moved by faith stories but never tried to grow in my own faith?
  5. How can God use me?
  6. Am I prideful?
  7. What three biblical characters would I like to have lunch with and why?
  8. What would I ask them?
  9. My favorite verse in the Bible is __________ because _________.
  10. Do acquaintances know I am a Christian?
  11. When have I been the closest to God?
  12. When does God seem most distant?
  13. These are the miracles God has performed in my life.
  14. What changes am I willing to make to grow spiritually?
  15. How big is my God?
  16. How often do I pray?
  17. How often do I read Scripture?
  18. What impact does Scripture have on me? Does it change me?
  19. What biblical miracle speaks to me the most? Why?
  20. My favorite Bible story is __________ because ___________.
  21. What is the quality of my prayer life?
  22. What is my self-talk like?
  23. Do I honor the Sabbath?
  24. Do I break any of God’s commandments frequently?
  25. Are there idols in my life?
  26. I ask God for His wisdom.
  27. Am I thankful? Does my life show gratitude?
  28. Do I need to ask for forgiveness?
  29. Do I need to forgive others?
  30. Have I forgiven myself?
  31. Do I express love and compassion?
  32. Do I tell people how to improve? Why do I do this?
  33. Do I ask for feedback for self-improvement?
  34. Do I seek godly counsel?
  35. Do I treat my body like the temple of the Lord?
  36. What do I value?
  37. Do I tithe?
  38. Do I volunteer regularly at church or for missions to serve others in God’s name?
  39. What five blessings am I most grateful for and why?
  40. Am I now, or have I ever been, in spiritual darkness?
  41. Have I ever passed on my faith to my children?
  42. Have I ever shared Christ with anyone outside my family?
  43. I go to church because I want to, not out of a sense of duty.
  44. If faith was taken out of my life tomorrow morning, how would my life be different? Would anyone know?
  45. If I suddenly found myself in a country where I was unable to practice my faith how would I respond?
  46. How can I be certain my faith is growing? Can faith be measured?
  47. I imagine the second coming of Christ to be ___________.
  48. How has my walk with God grown in the past year?
  49. The past five years?
  50. I want God to change me in this key area:

As I prepared this post I found several websites with lists of writing prompts. If you are dealing with writer’s block, consider looking at some of these suggestions. I look forward to reading your posts.

Psalm 45: 1      My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.

 May the Lord richly bless you as you share your faith with others.



3 thoughts on “Dealing With Writer’s Block

  1. I think satan gets us to relying on feelings more than we realize and we start wavering from the facts, which require no feelings. It’s like God hears us whether we feel He does or not…and when there are no words…when the paper is blank…He still hears us. Just a thought or two.


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