Gratitude & Generosity

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This month there have been an abundance of posts on thankfulness and I’ve enjoyed reading and learning from them. But being thankful is not a state of mind that should be reserved for the month of November. Imagine showing gratitude every single day.

A few years back I was experiencing a particularly difficult time. I started a gratitude journal. Each day I noted five things I was grateful for, but did not repeat any entry. At first it was easy to come up with what I was thankful for. But as I turned the pages in my journal it became harder to think of new things to thank God for. However, I kept up that exercise for several months. It didn’t change my circumstances, but it changed me. I began to look at my circumstances from a different perspective and realized how very rich and blessed I am.

One way is to show gratitude is to be more generous.  How would our lives change if we altered our perspective on what we have been given?

Those in the western world are among the top wage earners of everyone on this planet. We have so much that we waste it. We are so consumed with our creature comforts that we throw away perfectly good items just to have something new. We compare ourselves to others, trying to be the ones with the newest or best stuff. Imagine being thankful for what you have already been given, and not wanting any more. Instead of accumulating more stuff, imagine providing for those who can’t provide for themselves.

God has supplied all my needs (Philippians 4:19). Sometimes He supplies my desires, but what’s really important is the relationship I have with Him, which in turn affects my relationship with others. How will our lives change if we adopt a more thankful and generous spirit? The Bible tells us how:

 Proverbs 11:25-31 (NIV)

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

 It is a great paradox. God rewards those who are generous. How kind of our great God to bless us for acting according to His Word.

May you feel the abundance of God’s provisions during this Thanksgiving season.



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4 thoughts on “Gratitude & Generosity

  1. My dear sis Julie,
    I am so blessed and really glad read your posts again this evening. Where have you been. How are you sis? Thank you for this great reminder to always have gratitude act. Blessings to you sis.

    • Sweet Karina, So good to hear from you. How is that baby? I have missed blogging so much, but life has been crazy here. My son will graduate from High School at the end of the school year and there are so many activities. Work is also busy. Thank you for your comments.


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