A New Lifestyle

My life style has changed recently. My husband did find a job, but the job requires a lot of overtime. I rarely see him anymore. I’ve spent what time we have together with him on the weekends (when I used to write). Now he’s been told he will be required to work weekends and have two days off during the week. That leaves us even less time to be together.

This new lifestyle leaves me to take care of all the household obligations and dealing with our children’s activities. My evenings are filled with making dinner, doing chores, and running my children to their various functions. Gerry and I used to split those duties. The end of the school year was especially difficult. Hopefully this season of our lives will pass quickly.

It occurs to me that for single parents life is like this all the time. The single mom or dad raises their children alone, rarely if ever, getting a break. Too often we characterize single parents as making a poor choice. That may be the case – but we all must live with the consequences of our actions, whatever those may be.

We all know single parents. Reach out to them. See if we can take some of their burdens. Even a kind word will be welcome.



The Most Important Step

I’ve been struggling lately with uncertainty. I want to be in God’s will, but I am still unsure about certain decisions. It has all but paralyzed me. Then I found this article, The Most Important Step, by Daniel Darling. (InTouch Ministries). It’s well worth the read. Now I feel free to serve the Lord again.


Happy Father’s Day to My Dad

I posted this last year on Father’s Day. I can’t think of anything better to say about him. He’s a great man, a great example, and always there for me, my sisters and my family.  Love you Dad!


He’s more than the “bread winner.” A daddy is someone very special. In a daughter’s eyes her father will always be about 10 feet tall. Here are some of the reasons why my sisters and I love our Dad:

  1.  He loves our Mom.
  2.  And he told us to listen to her.
  3.  He could fix just about anything.
  4.  He took so many pictures of us.
  5.  And home movies too.
  6.  He taught us how to ride a bike.
  7.  And to play nice with the other kids.
  8.  And share.
  9.  To love our siblings and get along with them, no matter what.
  10.  And clean our room.
  11.  He helped us with our homework, especially math.
  12.  He taught us how to drive.
  13.  And pump our own gas
  14.  And check the oil.
  15.  And tire pressure.
  16.  And how to know when to get new tires.
  17.  How to wash a car at home without going to the carwash
  18.  And how to use the items in a tool box.
  19.  He took us to the fair.
  20.  And ball games.
  21.  And to see fireworks.
  22.  He taught us to root for our team, no matter how bad they were losing.
  23.  He made sure we learned to swim
  24.  He taught us how to ice skate.
  25.  And how to fly a kite.
  26.  He took us fishing.
  27.  Taught us how to build a fire.
  28.  And pitch a tent.
  29.  He held our hand when we had to get stitches.
  30.  And told us to be a big girl.
  31.  He took us to the library.
  32.  Read the paper, not just the funnies.
  33.  He taught us to save money
  34.  And how to handle a checkbook.
  35.  He told us to get a good education.
  36.  And find a job we loved.
  37.  And always learn something new.
  38.  He loves his grandkids.
  39.  He told us to keep up with the news.
  40.  And vote.
  41.  He bought us our first bouquet of roses.
  42.  And taught us to dance.
  43.  No man was ever going to be good enough for his little girls, but he loves our husbands anyway.
  44.  He always made a big deal of going to see the fireworks.
  45.  He taught us how to make a decision, and told us there are consequences to everything.
  46.  And when the decision is made, don’t complain.
  47.  You can have a good time without spending money.
  48.  He took us to drive-in movies.
  49.  And special movie premiers.
  50.  He took us out for ice cream on summer Saturday nights
  51.  Made Mom get her own ice cream instead of “tasting” the kids’ ice cream.
  52.  Say Grace before a meal.
  53.  Lend a helping hand to a neighbor.
  54.  Volunteer for something you believe in.
  55.  He took us to Church.
  56.  And taught us to place something in the offertory no matter how small.
  57.  He taught us to read the Bible
  58.  He taught us respect for our elders.
  59.  Home-cooking is the way to a man’s heart.
  60.  Top it off with dessert.
  61.  Taught us how to make ice cream, even “soft serve”
  62.  It’s ok to have a glass of wine or a beer.
  63.  He took us to see grandparents quite often – the trip was across country.
  64.  He took us to Disneyland.
  65.  And Disney World
  66.  And Sea World.
  67.  And The beach.
  68.  And the zoo.
  69.  And many other places from coast to coast
  70.  He put up the Christmas tree
  71.  And hung Christmas lights
  72.  He made us do our chores.
  73.  He made us do things for myself.
  74.  He painted my room and furniture for me.
  75.  And hung pictures.
  76.  It’s ok to stop and ask for directions.
  77.  Keep the radio tuned to a good station.
  78.  Pay attention to traffic signs.
  79.  Call if you are going to be late.
  80.  Reminded us to have our house key “in case you are out late”.
  81.  Always have a good book to read.
  82.  Plan a get-away with your wife at least once a year.
  83.  Know what the organization really does before you donate to them.
  84.  Visit the gravesite of loved ones when you are in town.
  85.  By example he showed us we should have a nice looking yard.
  86.  And taught us to use a lawnmower.
  87.  And a weed-eater.
  88.  To grow a garden
  89.  Put up a flag.
  90.  And plant some flowers.
  91.  He tried to teach us golf.
  92.  He played catch and kickball.
  93.  He taught us to appreciate music.
  94.  And to play an instrument.
  95.  Like piano.
  96.  Or flute.
  97.  But not the drums.
  98.  Exercise.
  99.  Keep an eye on the clock.
  100. Keep your mind sharp with a puzzle.
  101. And it’s ok to take a nap.


Enjoy your special day Dad. We love you!