Living in a Microwave World

Wonderful analogy. Enjoy.

Lessons by Heart


Instant Credit

Instant Messaging

There isn’t much we have to wait for these days – except babies.

No one has figured out how to fast-forward a pregnancy…


The concept of sowing…waiting…reaping  is one we’ve mostly lost in our “have it now” world.

In the “good old days,” families had farms or at least a garden.

If it wasn’t in season, we couldn’t eat it.

If it didn’t grow in your area, we couldn’t buy it –

except by mail order…

…and then we had to…

(here’s that word again)


There are many fantastic lessons to be learned when growing our own food:

First comes the soil preparation. The ground must be broken up and easy to work.

Then it needs to be piled into rows so the seed won’t drown when water is applied.

Next comes the actual planting of the seed.

Aside from a routine watering…

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