September 11th, Remembered.


If you were older than 4, you will never forget where you were that September day in 2001, the day the world changed forever. In shock, we watched the aftermath of the attack. By evening, much of our country found their way to local churches, and spent the evening in prayer.

A few weeks later, I arrived at my usual drill weekend site to discover that more than half my unit had been deployed. The military has a way of honoring their dead. We stood at attention, trying not to shed tears as the bell was rung and the ranks, names and ages of our fallen comrades were read. But there was little time for grieving, there was work to be done.

In the months and years that followed, a new normal has emerged. But let us pause for just a moment to remember.

3 thoughts on “September 11th, Remembered.

  1. Yes Julie this video says it all. My tears of remembrance today, is for all whom suffered that horrifying day! Prayer’s for all the families of these dear Angels that left us way too soon! Thanks for sharing this! ❤


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