Getting Back Into A Routine


Labor Day is more than an end of summer cook-out and a 3-day weekend. It’s about a return to routine. Moms understand this.

School is back in session.  My children are busy with music lessons and sports practices again. In many ways I am busier than I was during the summer. But life is more predictable. There will be scheduled meals and bedtimes. Appointments are planned. I know what is on my schedule.

One of the many things on my fall schedule is my Monday Night Ladies Bible Study. We break for the summer, but sometimes I wish we didn’t. Not only are these ladies my friends and prayer partners, they are also my accountability partners.

Now that school is back in session, we will return to our weekly Bible Study. I’m looking forward to the fellowship with other Christian women, and lifting each other up in prayer. But mostly, I’m looking forward to digging into another exciting Bible Study and spending more structured time in God’s Word.

There’s something exciting about opening the pages of a new Bible Study. You wonder, “What is God going to reveal to me here?” Oh the anticipation. I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas.

Oh Christmas! That’s going to mess up my precious routine.

2 thoughts on “Getting Back Into A Routine

  1. I finally got the comment “Having a problem posting comment….it all blanked out when I post comment, fyi! Enjoyed your blog Julie”. (posted)


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