Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus ~ On What Matters Most

This particular post has been on my heart for the past few days. I just had to share it.

Heavenly Raindrops

This week’s challenge is on focus.  I took these two pictures while standing at the same distance from the roses, but changed the aperture setting, adjusting the opening of the camera’s lens in each.  In the top photo, I used an F-stop of 4.5; in the one below, an F-8.

The difference in focus is subtle, but the one above shows the rose in the foreground in sharp focus with the background blurry.  In the bottom one, you can see more of the details in the leaves and rose bud in the back.

I could have tampered with the settings even more, rendering the background as fully in focus as the center rose, but I instead chose these two pictures for a reason.

As Christians, we are to love the LORD our God with all our heart, soul, strength, andmind, but also to love our neighbors as…

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One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus ~ On What Matters Most

  1. I just loved your blog. Yes staying focused is a concenstrated effort the older one gets with all the new fast pace lifestyles we have. As the old saying, “slow down and smell the roses”, gives me a sense of focus of slowing down to listen to what is most important after all. Right!


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