Distraction When Praying



I have a confession to make. Sometimes when I pray, my mind wanders a little. I know this is common. But thirty minutes is not too long to stay focused, and not too long of a time to give to God. But Satan does not want us to talk to God, so this is one of those times he may try to distract us.

The room I pray in has a little fountain. I have a cross and a Bible nearby. It is set to keep me focused. I keep a prayer journal and write out my prayers to help me stay focused. This is also a record of God’s answered prayer. But journaling my prayers It does not always keep me focused on God. I really have to concentrate.

Today I want to ask you a question. How do you stay focused during your prayer time?

I will respond to each comment.

Thank you, and blessings on your day.

26 thoughts on “Distraction When Praying

  1. I get easily distracted as well. Sometimes I think it helps me to start out being still (I think of the scripture, Be still and know that I Am God) and let things run through my mind, but try and bring it back to focus on God when I am aware of drifting, Then I notice that I usually take a deep breath, as if a sigh of relief, after about 5 or 10 minutes, and then I begin to hear the birds sing and I feel more in tune with God and less distracted with my thoughts. almost as if my mind runs out of distractions finally, and then I’m more at peace and ready to pray. Hope that makes sense…

  2. A common problem indeed….
    The closet is my spot or I pace the house (when I have it to myself). I usually have a list of things and people to pray for, but moving helps me converse with less distractions. When my mind strays, I remind myself that this is the time and place I set aside to ‘meet’ God so it is rude for me to be focused on something else. I usually apologize and get back on track….
    I love the prayer journal idea….

    Blessings Julie 🙂

  3. Good Morning Julie and many blessings your way for blessings others! I enjoyed your post here so much and many other blogs as well. I shared this one on my wall with this caption under it~[How many of us are distracted when we pray? It can be difficult at times when we have some much on our minds. K.I.S.S.~”Keeping it simple sweetie”, like Julie is doing here. Finding a great way to have that special time for you and God only, blessings in your worship time with God today! Love her blogs!] May God continue to bless your blogs, I am a new blogger my self. Still in the growing stages. Come visit me anytime and with any suggestion at, http;//diannecwhite.com and I would love any thoughts from you as well, Stay blessed~Dianne

  4. Dear sis Julie
    Did you ever try before take your prayer, take for a minutes to praising the Lord through singing a Christian song. It would be great if we singing a song with praying or surrendering theme. Praising our Lord through song will help us to focus on our prayer and preparing our heart to talk with God. Another important thing is. Make ourselves comfort before praying. I mean. We not pray in quite noisy environment, I usually turn off my Tv and another tools that can produce unwanted noise. well, it is just my suggestion according to my experience 🙂

    • Karina,
      Hey Sis, Great point about the praise before we start praying. HE is worthy of our praise and adoration. I do have a certian spot I pray at, where there are no outside distractions, so I can’t blame it on that. I think I will try starting my quiet time with some great praise music.
      Thank you Sis.

  5. The prayer Jesus taught us to pray is pretty simple. It doesn’t involve a twenty minute uninterrupted presentation to the Father. Don’t let Satan make you think you have to have a daily period of no distractions in order to please God. (I certainly have enough to feel guilty for without adding that to the list). Rather, pray without ceasing. Live life in an attitude of prayer. Bring requests to God as they come to mind throughout the day. Yes, it’s no doubt important to have a time when we are still, when we worship, when we adore our Father. But even the disciples had trouble not being distracted when Jesus asked them to pray in the garden. Journaling is great so that we can recognize answers to prayers when they come. But maybe the distractions themselves can be turned into prayer requests or praises. I don’t know. I just don’t see in Scripture where God wants us to stress about the amount of time we spend in prayer. I go back to Jesus’ lesson on praying. Maybe we should just keep it simple, praise him, lay our requests at his feet, then get out there and live the life. Just my thoughts based on my experience. May God bless you as you seek answers to what is obviously concerning you today. I just said a prayer for you.

    • Wow. Thank you for your prayer, and your insight. Maybe I am too stressed about this.
      I love your suggestion about turning the distractions into prayers themselves.
      Thank you for the reminder about the disciples too. I think sometimes we try to be perfect before God, and that’s just not possible.
      Thank you for your words of encouragement and blessings on your day.

      • I prayed for you again this morning. It occurs to me that our Father would not want prayer, of all things, to be a source of stress. May I encourage you to rest in that knowledge. I trust your prayer time will be a time of fellowship and joy regardless of how many times you have to redirect your attention. Thank you for your honesty. I know most of us struggle with the same thing and maybe, like you said, we try to be perfect when we are not. May God bless you and continue to make you a blessing to others.

      • Thank you. Your prayers are so meaningful to me, and it is so insightful of you to realize there is a struggle here. But we know the battle is the Lord’s and He has already won.
        As for my blog, the truth is the goal. Thank you for stopping by. Blessings to you.

  6. I have this problem too. Admittedly, a lot of my praying is done at night when I get in bed, and I do get distracted thinking about the day’s events. And yes, I even fall asleep sometimes while praying if I’m really tired! I’ve found getting out of bed and dropping to my knees makes me more focused. It humbles me. It’s a praying posture I like. (I’m Episcopalian so praying on my knees is something I’m used to).

  7. I often feel very guilty by being distracted during prayer , but have found reading these comments very useful . The notion of keeping it simple . God is not judging by his “church” my prayer sounds . I need to take the pressure off and just talk to God . God bless and thanks for this post . X

    • Tolly, My point here is not to feel guilty, it happens to all of us. I want to be distracted less, so I’m seeking help. But the truth is, it happens to us all. When it comes to talking to God, there should be no pressure. He will meet us right where we are. Blessings to you.

  8. Julie, I am a lot like you, my mind wanders. I find if I start out meditating first, I tend to get more distracted. If I start with reading the Word first, I tend to stay more focused and the LORD generally begins to speak and I then I start to write. I don’t want to miss a word of what He is telling me. Thanks for this post! I am grateful someone else struggles with this too!

  9. When I start worrying or being afraid or happy or see something beautiful, etc … I switch to prayer. I pray in short bursts many times each day/night.

  10. I have been reading a little book by the title, Experiencing The Depths of Jesus Christ, by Jeanne Guyon. She wrote this book, among others, in the 1700’s and was imprisoned for her faith. On this subject of “Distraction while praying,” she says something that I couldn’t ignore. In fact, I underlined it, dog-eared the page, and go back to read it frequently. It cuts me to the core. She said, “Do not become distressed because your mind has wandered away. Always guard yourself from being anxious for your faults. First of all, such distress only stirs up the soul and distracts you to outward things. Secondly, your distress really springs from a secret root of pride. What you are experiencing is, in fact, a love of your own worth. To put it in other words, you are simply hurt and upset at seeing what you really are. If the Lord should be so merciful as to give you a true spirit of His humility, you will not be surprised at your faults, failures, or even your own basic nature.”

    What this says to me is that since God knows me intimately, He also knows my prayer life and the struggles I have with it. If I berate myself because of my method of praying, my posture for praying or even the words I use–which are all imperfect anyway–then I have to add to that, that my mind wanders during prayer, I have stopped listening to God’s voice and started listening to the “Accuser of the Brethren.” I agree that one of the best things we can do is to turn our distractions into prayers and when we hear that liar’s voice, call to Jesus and listen quietly to His instead. It has taken me a long time to realize that prayer is not a one-way conversation. We must be still to hear God’s voice as well.

    Blessings to all of you! I enjoyed this post immensely!


    • Dear Jane,
      Wow, Thank you for your response. I know it was lengthy, but I needed to read these words. I hope many others read this coment.
      I’m so glad to have met you through blogging. God has blessed me indeed. Thank you again.


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