It’s good to be back to my blog after a devastating hard drive crash. It’s just amazing how we come to rely on electronics. When those electronics are absent, we feel totally hopeless. But we can emerge stronger than before. This brings me to a book recommendation.

One of my dearest friends has just published her children’s book. It’s about feeling hopeless. For those who have “tweens” I highly recommend it.

stone journey


“There isn’t a more hopeless, lonely or panicked feeling than being lost. And we all get lost, in one way or another, sometime in our lives.” These are the words of 14-year old Cheyenne, describing her struggle to survive in the wilderness when she becomes separated from her dad and brother while on a family trip to Yellowstone National Park.
But Cheyenne’s struggles go beyond the daunting physical challenges that nature has in store for her: she’s buckling under the guilt that’s weighed heavily upon her since her mother’s accident. And, since she’s given up on God, it seems that she literally doesn’t have a prayer. Somewhere, in all the darkness and difficulties, though, Cheyenne discovers a path that takes her on the journey that we all must take at some point in our lives… the time when each of us suddenly finds that we’ve somehow gotten lost, and wonder if (and how) we can ever find out way back home again.”

3 thoughts on “STONE JOURNEY

    • It totally CRASHED! I was so bumbed. I did not back everything up so some stuff was lost. We had to get a new hard drive, reinstall everything, etc. I’m working with my publisher to recreate some of my emails. It will be ok. God took care of the important stuff. 🙂
      I hope to catch up on my blog reading tonight. 🙂


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