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A local elementary school is being rebuilt. It’s old and over-crowded. So when the doors closed on the last day of this past school year, the school was closed. The children will go to a different school next year while their school is being rebuilt. But that doesn’t mean the old school out lived its usefulness. There were still many items in the classrooms that could be used, lockers, desks, chairs, whiteboards, etc. The school district auctioned them off by classroom. My church bought more than a dozen classrooms for our Mexico Mission Ministries. Part of our youth mission project was to load up the items we purchased. In two days, 24 students and 6 adults loaded  1 1/2 tractor trailers with approximately:

  • 12 banks of lockers
  • 300 student desks
  • 300 student chairs
  • 25 teacher desks
  • 40 Adult chairs
  • 30 Tables
  • 20 Audio visual carts
  • 20 file cabinets.
  • 20 book shelves
  • 10 white boards
  • Contents of the nurse’s clinics
  • Even a box full of pencil sharpeners

It was hard work. The lockers and white boards had to be removed from the walls. Some desks had to be partially disassembled. The student desks and chairs had to be gathered from locations all over the building. But our “hand-me-downs” will go on to bless and educate a generation of kids in another country. Please pray for those receiving these items. Pray for them to have a safe and comfortable learning environment. And please pray a blessing on the kids who just finished this mission project. They are outstanding teens. I was a privilege to be a part of their team.

Walk in His Light,


7 thoughts on ““HAND-ME DOWNS”

  1. What an incredible task to have accomplished. Blessings to the teens, those who lead them on their journey, and those who will be the recipients. What a hopeful post!

  2. OMG!!! That is so awesome! Oh Julie, I wish I could do something like that! What an honor and privilege to be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus! I will be praying for the new home for the “hand-me downs”.

    • Toni, Thank you, but think about what you are doing. You are so important to your family. You are doing something like what I did. You are doing it every single day. Blessings to you!

  3. Dear Julie,

    My name is Lucy McGee and we attended FUMC Mansfield for 7 years before moving to Florida…part of my heart remains with you and the church in Mansfield. I loved reading about this mission project and look forward to sharing it with my boys, both of whom attended Boren Elementary. It will be really neat for them to know that desks they used are now being used in Mexico. Patrick went to Matamorris twice on mission…are any of the desks there?

    I found this blog through Sharon’s post on FB. I also loved reading about the prayer labyrinth. God Bless!

    • Dear Lucy,
      I’m so glad you found my blog. I’ve been a member of FUMC Mansfield for 15 years, perhaps our paths crossed at some point.
      The mission trip was such a blessing to me and my son. We don’t know exactly where all the supplies will go, we just know they will be distributed as needed throughout northern Mexico. I suspect that means some will got to Matamoris. I will post updates as I get them, but I think it will be several weeks before we have more information. Blessings to you and yours.


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