The Kaleidoscope



When I was a child I was fascinated with kaleidoscopes. I could turn the cylinder and watch the patterns change for a long time. I happened along my daughter’s kaleidoscope the other day. I picked it up, held it up to the light, and studied the identical images. Even when I turned the cylinder, the images changed, but they were still the same.

People are like kaleidoscopes.  They want to look or act like others, even letting strangers dictate their choices. The options may be full of color, and change frequently, but the choices are not their own. An uninspired reality emerges. Dreams, imagination and distinctiveness are replaced by the mesmerizing pattern of the kaleidoscope.

It’s interesting that if you open up a kaleidoscope, the colored beads are all different shapes and sizes. The patterns and images created by the mirrors in the kaleidoscope are just an illusion.

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