I heard from my publisher yesterday. My carefully selected title is apparently rather dull. As you fellow bloggers understand, I’m quite disappointed. (Maybe the publisher is wrong??)

So I’ll spend the next few hours combing through the manuscript looking for a new title. I’ll rummage through the dictionary and thesaurus, gathering possible words. Then I’ll take those lists and type out several options. Then I’ll retype, cut, paste, rename and save. I’ll read and re-read my options and run them by my husband. Maybe a reader will offer up a suggestion. I’ll take a break for coffee and start the process again, doing what I love to do.

Hopefully, before the weekend is over, a new title will emerge. The new title will be just a few words, but words that convey the image of God’s eternal light and love.

6 thoughts on “PLAYING WITH WORDS

    • Thanks Daryl. I’m doing a brainstorming technique. I will add that to the list. I won’t start narrowing it down until tomorrow. I really appreciate your help. Blessings!

  1. Julie,
    Everytime I try to “man-handle” out a title, a word, a theme or blog– I get frustrated. When I hand it over to God and wait on Him to inspire, create and deliver –it comes…I pray you stay true to your process and trust that He will deliver!


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