Teaching Children About Memorial Day


On Memorial Day last year, my husband decided to teach our children what the Holiday means. We took our children to the National Cemetery in Grand Prairie, Texas. We wanted our children to understand how many people gave up their lives to fight for the values, ideals and freedoms this country stands for.

Looking at all the graves, decorated with flags, was a powerful and somber moment for the whole family. We were thrilled that so many people were visiting the cemetery to pay their respects. We don’t know anyone buried at that particular cemetery, but it was good to remember those who so bravely fought to protect our way of life. I pray my children will remember the powerful moment.


4 thoughts on “Teaching Children About Memorial Day

  1. That is a powerful memory you are investing into the memory of your children, Julie! I know that patriotism sometimes gets criticized as “civil” religion and I certainly know what the power of patriotism did in mid-twentieth century Germany. But I still think that honoring our heroes has a place in our Christian walk. Peace be unto you and yours!


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