From a Mother to Her Child


I chose to be your Mother.

I married a man who would be a great Dad.

I wanted you before you were conceived.

I dreamed of how life would be like for you. I planned the home you would live in, and the schools you would eventually attend.

I loved rocking you and singing you lullabies.

I helped you take your first step. I was there for your first word, first tooth, first boo-boo and first love.

I enjoyed reading you bedtime stories and tucking you into bed.

I chose to be a room mom and enjoyed hearing how well you were doing at parent-teacher conferences.

I enjoyed taking you to soccer and baseball practice, music lessons and recitals.

I pointed you out to the other moms and told them how proud I was of you.

I taught you to cook, drive and other important life lessons.

I prayed for your future. I prayed for your friends and future spouse.

I tried to give you wisdom so you could have a wonderful life.

Now it’s Mother’s Day, and I’m the one being honored for something I wanted all along.

How blessed I am.

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