Journaling Prayers

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It’s hard for me to stay focused during my Morning Prayer time. My thoughts inevitably go to the list of household chores or errands that need to be run. In an effort to stay focused on God, I started write my prayers. Journaling has helped me stay focused and keep my attention on my Heavenly Father. In return, answers to prayers are documented.

How do you stay engaged during your quiet time?

It occurred to me today, that my journal is a love story. The idea brought me joy, as I think about the love our Creator has for all of us. He cares enough to write a love story for each one of us. Are you participating in the love story He’s writing for you?

Walk in His Light,


8 thoughts on “Journaling Prayers

  1. I started a prayer journal years ago . . . and I love to go back and see how the Lord has answered my prayers in ways I never would have expected. God’s blessings to you and yours!

  2. Hi Julie, It’s fun to go back and read my journal entries from a long time ago. It’s neat to see God working all the time! Anyway, I came by to tell you that I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. God bless, Lori

  3. Julie, I have been journaling my prayer time for years. It is how I stay focused. It is a great way to go back and read all that God has done in my life; it strengthens my faith.

  4. I, too, write to stay focused during my quiet time. Writing is a form of meditation, slowing down the thought processes. That’s when I discover nuggets of truth that otherwise I would miss. My guess is you’ve experienced the same.

    P.S. Thank you, Julie, for stopping by my blog, From the Inside Out! I’m so glad you liked “Simple Blessings.”

  5. Yes indeed. Writing down prayers and integrating scripture notes is so awesome. This is very helpful and so rich. I agree totally and know I need to do this more. Thanks for sharing.


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