It was a year long journey, getting up early in the morning and spending time with my Creator. When I listened, He took me on a wonderful journey through the pages of His Holy Word. Using light as a metaphor for God and His love, I explored the pages of Scripture to find many ways our God reveals Himself to us, if only we will stop and pay attention. When I did slow down enough to listen to my Lord, I was amazed at the depth of His Love, the enormity and complexity of His creation and the details of His plan of salvation. This Bible Study is my feeble attempt to share those sacred moments with you.



  1. What a blessed journey you have been on. It is a reminder and encouragement to me to make time for Him daily and to stay in His Word. He has so much to reveal to us if only we would take the time to listen.

  2. I just started blogging myself. It is an exciting adventure and a great way to reach out to people all over the world. Good luck on your blogging journey. I know you will be blessed by doing it and will be a blessing to your readers.

  3. I am glad that you read my blog. I am new to blogging and often don’t really think that anyone reads what I write. I am going to follow you (I have never followed anyone else before) I find that it’s a great opportunity to put my feelings and thoughts down on paper so I can read and re-read about my own journey. I love that Jesus Christ is your light!

  4. It’s a blessed and wonderful experience, digging into His word. Your Blog looks nice. I look forward to reading more from you. I am still learning how to use wordpress as well.


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